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When we lose our loved ones, the process of grief is an opportunity to open ourselves to more love. That's not usually our first response. Instead most of us suffer. If present, the sadness and anger may be stored up in our body as well. Grief Yoga® is about releasing grief pain so that we can experience greater self-knowledge and enhance our connection to life.


My path to Grief Yoga®

After training and certifying to teach yoga, I spent four years guiding others and building a studio. This year, I had to pause my work and focus upon a new challenge: grief.

Life brought me to my knees with the passing of my son in June 2020. Alexander was 14 years old with a very bright and unfulfilled future. His last mistake was to try opiates and consume a counterfeit pill that was actually fentanyl.

Alex has always been in my thoughts, but accompanying him is the weight of my grief. At times, his loss fuels my new passion to help adolescents like him. At other times, the grief overwhelms me and makes the smallest tasks difficult.

In order to move forward (not past my grief) I learned of Grief Yoga®. After he passed, I stopped doing yoga, focused only upon Alex's sister, and drowned in my sorrow. I knew I had to start yoga again and I knew that it was one of my best tools to heal from anything life offers. Finding Grief Yoga® was the kick in the pants I needed to start helping myself again.

Since then, I have trained and certified in Grief Yoga® as well. It is essential for me to keep practicing for myself, but I am grateful for the opportunity to bring comfort and help to others again.

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